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Social Media and Online Gaming CyberBullying Risks

There is a direct power imbalance between the bully and victim.
Physical, verbal,or nonverbal face to face interactions.
Confined largely to school, afterschool, and recreational activities.
Bullies can be identified and are usually peers from school, activities, or the neighborhood.
Bullies can keep their identities hidden from the victims.
Digital bullying occurs online through devices like mobile phones.
Can occur anywhere at anytime and has nogeographical limitations.
Bullies can be a wider audience of individuals and groups. They might be acquaintances or even strangers.

One of the most frustrating things about bullying and cyberbullying is there is nothing we, as educators, can do to help when students are outside of school with friends, on social media, and gaming online. We count on parents to be part of the process.

Meghan Kiernan

High School Teacher

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