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"Parents, Are You Ready To Help Your Child Become BullyProof?"

Join us for this Webinar and and we'll show you how!

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What You Can Expect

Myths You May Believe are True Before The BullyProof Workshop

Bullying is a natural part of childhoood.
Words will never hurt you.
Bullying will make kids tougher.
Telling a teacher is tattling.
Bullying is always easy to recognize.
Kids need to deal with bullying on their own
It’s okay for kids to fight back.
Cyberbullying is less harmful because it doesn’t happen face-to-face.

The Facts You Will Understand About Bullying After The BullyProof Workshop

You'll understand what bullying is, and why it should not be tolerated as a "normal part of childhood".
You'll learn why words can hurt more than physical bullying and may leave emotional scars that can have lifelong implications
You'll be learn to teach you child the difference between tattling and telling.
You'll the difference between the way boys and girls typically bully.
You'll learn how to detect covert bullying which is much harder to detect than physical bullying.

Is Bullying Really A Problem?

Let's Look At The Statistics:


Of children are involved in bullying.


Are getting bullied (2-3X a month or more).


Bullied Others.


Bullied others and were bullied.


Of girls have been cyberbullied at least once.


Of boys have been cyberbullied at least once.


Of girls have cyberbullied someone at least once.


Of boys have cyberbullied someone at least once.

Social Media and Online Gaming CyberBullying Risks

There is a direct power imbalance between the bully and victim.
Physical, verbal,or nonverbal face to face interactions.
Confined largely to school, afterschool, and recreational activities.
Bullies can be identified and are usually peers from school, activities, or the neighborhood.
Bullies can keep their identities hidden from the victims.
Digital bullying occurs online through devices like mobile phones.
Can occur anywhere at anytime and has nogeographical limitations.
Bullies can be a wider audience of individuals and groups. They might be acquaintances or even strangers.

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